Welcome to my Wizard Tower!

Hehehoho! Tis I, Budathan The Wizard! and I'm beaming this webbed site to your home computer as we speak!! You shall refer to me with they and them pronouns or I will curse you to have every bread you touch turn soggy. I love baking and cats and clothing and all sorts of medias and curiosities.

Half-body doodle of a silly, purple-haired wizard in a white, pointy hat holding a thumbs up.

this website contains flashing and blinking images which may cause eyestrain and trigger epilepsy. Proceed with caution!

I have many wacky, wicked, wizard-y items in my tower, come and take a looksee! Heho <|:)

First, take a look at my Storeroom of Songs..!

Nyakuza Manholes (nelward, AHIT OST)

Hourglass Meadow (Oliver Buckland)

Squid Jazz (Lewmoth, Everhood OST)

Cat (C418, Minecraft OST)

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