things i really love and am interested in!!!

The Nintendo 3ds is a handheld console released by Nintendo in 2011. It is the sucessor to the Nintendo DS, and one of the best video game consoles to date in my humble opinion. It's so customizeable (it has themes for its home menu!!) and pocket sized to boot. My own 2ds xl is like a girl to me we are best friends. she's purple (awesome color), has a hatsune miku theme (awesome theme), and two stickers on her head (one I made and one I picked up at a con). Some of the best Nintendo titles to date have been released on the 3ds: Tomodachi Life, Kirby Planet Robobot, and the entire Style Savvy series.

Did I mention I like Style Savvy? Developed by synSophia between 2008 and 2015 for the DS and 3DS family systems, the Style Savvy series is a simulation game in which you own a boutique and sell cute clothes! In addition to boutique management, you can work as a makeup artist, hairstylist, designer, and celebrity stylist. There's more to do and a better storyline in each iteration. My personal fave is the third entry: "Fashion Forward" (or "New Style Boutique 2" in Europe). You can dress your character in a wide variety of styles, all the clothes are so so cute! My favorite brand has got to be Marble Lily, which represents lolita fashion. That reminds me...

Lolita fashion, commonly referred to as elegant and gothic lolita in the West, is a japanese fashion and subculture that draws inspiration from Rococo and Victorian styles. The most recognizeable characteristic of a lolita coordinate (outfit) is the signature poofy skirt, which is achieved by wearing petticoats or a hoop skirt. Usually a hat or large headpiece is used to balance the volume of the skirt. My favorite lolita stores are Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, Metamorphose Temps de Fille, Junie Fantasy Parlor, and Fluffy Tori! For more info on lolita fashion, I'd highly recommend Lovely Lor's YouTube Channel and Lolibrary!